National Butchers Week

This week, March 12th – 19th 2018, is National Butchers Week

It is the time to promote the work of a traditional butcher, over the likes of supermarkets, with the mission to help the younger generation to find their way around a butchers shop, and the different cuts of meat available, whilst also realising that the quality is often better.

In recent times, we have sadly seen more and more butchers cease trading; the rise of cheaper foods at the supermarket meant trading became harder and harder. Meat became vacuum packed and produced in mass, cheaply, and often lacking the flavour and variety that a traditional butcher offers.

Luckily, however, the traditional butchers seem to be on the rise again as people discovered that they provide a unique service, which goes above and beyond that of a supermarket. Not only do they provide a much wider selection of meat, they cut it to order and are very helpful with their knowledge about the best way to cook it, or what cuts are needed for any particular dish you are looking to create.

Whilst some young people are still put off buying from the traditional shops, largely down to the fact they feel awkward in their lack of knowledge of meat, butchers are trying to convey to people that it’s ok to ask questions, and are more than willing to help.

National Butchers Week is a great way to increase the reputation and awareness of local high-street butchers, and give the trade the recognition it deserves, whilst at the same time, enjoying high quality, delicious cuts of meat.